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Dear Aoife & Darragh,

Imagine the most special day ever.

For some people it could have been a childhood’s dream, for some- it was born with an overwhelming love from the first sight, and for others- it started with the magic words: ‘will you marry me?’.

No matter how it began, now you are planning your Wedding Day.

The most marvellous, special and remarkable.

The reason is simple and beautiful – your love. You want to celebrate it with all the people that matter to you. Share smiles with your best friends. See tears of happiness in your mother’s eyes. Feel your father’s soft hand when one more time brushes your face.

You want to wake up that day and be sure, that this would be your best day ever. You want to feel so special, with makeup most beautiful, hair was done perfectly and dress so magnificent, that even its touch on your skin is amazing. There is a suit waiting, and wearing it makes you more than handsome. When you see each other for the first time that day, your eyes will say more than words. You know, that you and your love deserve only the best.

So much to treasure, so much to keep in your heart forever.

Every time you want to recall the carefully planned detail you can reach for the photographs and see it again: the lace pattern, the smile, the centrepiece, the tear, the flowers.

Imagine the power of love captured to be for you always.

In cosy armchairs by the fire, with friends and at your parents’ house. With little voices calling you princess and prince. For many years to come with the family growing around you – the photographs are to share the most precious and ephemeral moments of the magic that happened between you both on the most special day ever.

Let me tell your love story in the best possible way – your way. 

That’s my promise.

Thank you




He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.
– Leo Tolstoy

Our love story: 

We have met…


Dear family, friends, our guests

With great pleasure

Aoife & Darragh

invite you to join them
at the celebration of their marriage

Friday, the 6th of April
two thousand and eighteen

Ceremony location

Leixlip Church





Dinner and dancing to follow

Carton House Hotel




Our Menu & Table Plan



Our engagement shoot

Our engagement video

Words cannot express the happiness  that we felt on ourWedding Day and we thank you most sincerely for your kind gift, and thoughtful good wishes.

Aoife & Darragh

Our Wedding Day Digital Album

Our Wedding Day Highlights Video

Our Wedding Day Gallery


Excelence Package for Aoife & Darragh  – €1450


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