Documentary wedding style

There are many different photographic styles and approaches. It can be tough to decide what Wedding Photographer is going to suit you.  I work in this particular style and would like to give you an insight and understanding of an approach and style that when photographed tastefully and stylistically can produce stunning images of your Wedding Day and capture the real story – no acting, no fuss and no staged moments.
Wedding Photography for me is an art form. It allows me to work in a creative way to make artful and beautiful images that capture emotions and interactions between two people deeply in love on their Wedding day. The photography style you choose will be key as to how your day is actually experienced.

Emotions are all around you in the eyes of the family and friends who gather to enjoy this special occasion. It is my job to see and capture these moments without interrupting them or staging them so they are graceful and natural. Being able to see these moments and photograph them naturally and artfully is a skill in itself.

There are many great Photographers who take beautiful photographs in different ways and styles but reportage or documentary style is my personal favourite and I incorporate it heavily into my approach to your day. I also love shooting stylistic and artful portraits and more “set-up” shots for the special “showpiece” couple and group shots. However, during the actual events like the ceremony, walking down the aisle, preparations etc. – this is full Reportage Wedding Photography or Documentary style Wedding Photography.
A good Photographer who works in this way will be barely noticed on the day. It’s pretty much like a “fly on the wall” approach and this will help you to relax and live in the moment as your day unfolds.

The way I see it – you can take all the selfie style photos you like, and often the Wedding is crawling with iPhones and cameras in the hands of capable family and friends, but my job is to capture much deeper moments that are not captured that way. These photos will be more magical than anything caught on a phone – trust me!

The documentary style allows you to enjoy your day in a much more natural way as you are not “acting out your day” as such. I would never stop a bride and her father on the way down the aisle for example – my own opinion would view that as rude and intrusive. That is a very precious moment and should be approached that way – respectfully & gently. I also believe this style allows you to capture the couple looking their best as they are behaving in a natural way.
Storytelling is my favourite aspect of Wedding Photography so this photojournalistic approach really fits what I do. It’s a technique that just doesn’t grow old and when tastefully captured your photographs will age gracefully as well.

I tell the story of your Wedding day in pictures. That is what I love to do and that is what Reportage style is all about.