Kieran & Emmanuel


 Our Own Love Story


Even before Emmanuel arrived in Ireland, it was like we were destined to meet one another and fall in love.

While at home in Mexico, Emmanuel was visiting a friend at work, Edeline, he didn’t know that he would decide his fate by part taking in a video interview to get an English course in Dublin along with Edeline.

During the  interview, the person on the other side told them that she had an Irish boyfriend that was with her at the time. That boyfriend ended up being one of my best friends Terry. And when Emmanuel and Edeline arrived in Ireland, it was not the connection with Terry that we met, but on the popular dating app Tinder.



For our first date, we met up for a coffee and then we decided to go for a pint. It was love at first sight. For our second date Emmanuel cooked amazing Mexican food. On our third date, I helped Emmanuel bake a birthday cake for a client. That night Emmanuel asked me to be his boyfriend.

We knew that we would be getting married one day. When the marriage equality referendum passed on the 23rd of May, it gave me the perfect opportunity to ask Emmanuel to marry me, so in front of our friends I got down on one knee.



He said yes…


IMG_2670 engagement photo gallery



Wedding Details

Grooms: Kieran Kenny and Emmanuel Moreno

Venue: The Central Hotel, Donegal Town (Ceremony and Reception)

Ceremony: Starts at 4pm

Reception: Starts at 6.30pm