Personalised Wedding Website


Amaze your family and friends with your own Personalised Wedding Website

I’ll ¬†create website for you and your¬†wedding.

Looking at the finalized website, you’ll see it has a large, featured image at the top, with great, easy-to-read typography in all the content, and we have all the standard pages. You have your invitation page on the front, you have a Story page, that tells the story of how the couple met and also, how he proposed.

There’s even an engagement photo gallery that could be extended to also have the wedding photos, once the wedding is complete. There’s a guestbook, and a list of registries, and a Contact page. If you’re an invited guest to the wedding, you would’ve gotten a registration key. Once you have that registration key, you can go to You’re Invited, and Wedding Guest Registration.From here, you can register as a user on the site with your invitation key, submit your registration, and then you can log in to the full site.

Once logged in, you get extended features, including Guest Info, which has a full breakdownof all the information about the wedding. Where it is and when it is, and even maps on how to get to the different locations. You also have access to other pages, like a list of hotels that are recommended for guests, and even a page about what to wear at the wedding. Most importantly, once you’re a registered, invited guest on the site, you’ll be able to RSVP to the wedding. Here, you get a standard RSVP form, or you can fill in your name, your email address, your phone number, and set your RSVP status.

Whether you’re coming or not, and whether you’re bringing a friend, and if so, the information about that extra guest. All of this information is hidden behind a login wall, and the only people who can register and log in to the site are your invited guests. And, there’s an added bonus to this. Once the wedding is over, you can grant your guests additional privileges so they can post their own stories, and their own photos, right on your own website. Not only is this a great way of controlling who gets access to information about the wedding, and who can RSVP to your wedding.

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