My goal is to take photographs that will reflect your unique style and personality.  My photographs will tell your story and bring a smile to your face, tears of happiness and wonderful memories for many years to come.

I am inviting you to take that amazing journey through your wedding day with me. I’ll use my skills and creativity to do my best telling your own story in the most artistic way possible.

It will be an absolute honour and privilege to me having a chance to be part of your Special Day.

Enjoy the unique experience of QubArtStudios Wedding Photography.

QubArtStudios, based in Dublin is owned and run by Jakub – International Wedding Photographer and Digital Artist.

His photography and multimedia production studio give a competitive advantage as provides an exciting new opportunity for the clients to experience stylish and modern photography and powerful, dynamic 2D and 3D audiovisual productions.

QubArtStudios works with a partnership with photographers and businesses worldwide and successfully accomplished photography and multimedia projects for international and well-known companies such as GoogleeBay or Starbucks.

Jakub learned from the best wedding and portrait photographers and digital artists in the world. His aim as a wedding photographer is to create the material with a range of beautiful, realistic and emotional pictures that you and your beloved will cherish for life.

He is wedding and portrait photographer with the experience of photographing almost every aspect of life so far.

And always with the remarkable approach.

Through the years he found that photographing weddings is what he loves most.

With a camera, he’s typically witnessing happy and important moments of people’s lives. If there are people there are emotions and stories to photograph.

The wedding day will be one of the most significant events of your lifetime. You owe it to yourself to document your precious moments of that day in a stylish, creative, elegant, fun and modern way.

It’s all about moments.